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ARTU Telecomms Claimed

Pretoria South Africa

Business Details

We provide Business Opportunities in Telecommunications where you earn Residual or Passive Income per minute.



We offer several Different Telecomms Systems by which you can earn a RESIDUAL or PASSIVE Income, earned per second EVERY MONTH.

We have structured several Telecommunication System that will generate you a RESIDUAL or PASSIVE INCOME per second.

Yes, PER SECOND, as the Telecommunications Industry makes money PER SECOND, or know as Per Second Billing.

These are the requirements, you need to have to be successful, in this RESIDUAL or PASSIVE INCOME based Business Opportunity.

        You need to be motivated to be successful.   

You need to know some people, friends / family / individuals and business people AND be able to NETWORK. 

       You need to be reasonable good in SALES & MARKETING.       

You need to be able to communicate well with people.

Our Systems are also VERY EASY to MARKET thus making your SALES so much easier. We’ll also provide you with full training and demonstrations AND the systems to use yourself, and for demo purposes to potential clients.

MOST of our SYSTEMS are FREE to your clients, thus making the “SALE” so much easier.

This is how it works.

You get clients or customers that want to make use of our systems. Most of our systems are free to your clients, but they pay when using it. When calls etc, are received or sent, by your clients, you will earn money per second.

You will have to get you own clients and they will remain you clients, thereby building up your Residual Income Client Base.

What qualifications do you need?

You do NOT need to have any technical qualifications. You only need to be able to explain the systems (Product Knowledge) to your friends or network partners, or referrals and indicate to them the advantage they will have when making use of our systems. This Product Knowledge will be given during training.


REMEMBER : You will make money per second.

 ·         When your clients receive faxes on their email accounts, also known as Fax2Mail.         When you receive faxes on your computer.         When your clients receive calls on their Land Lines.         When you receive calls on your Land Line.         When your clients receive calls on their Cell Phones.         When your clients make calls from their Cell Phones.         When you receive calls on your Cell Phone.         When your clients buy a Business Cell Saver Phone and make calls on it.         When your clients make calls from your PUBLIC PHONE.         When you send bulk SMS's for people or companies for marketing purposes.         NEW !! VOICE SMS : Make money when your clients want Bulk Voice SMS's to be sent , for Marketing Purposes.         When your clients receive SMS's on their Competition Line’s or Services.         When your clients buy Pre Paid Air Time for their Business Use.         When your clients buy Pre Paid Air Time for Personal use.         When your clients buy Pre Paid Data for personal or business use.         When your clients buy Pre Paid Electricity for personal or business use.         When your clients buy LOTTO VOUCHERS.         When your clients buy ANY OTHER Betting Voucher.

In this Business Opportunity we provide a Desk Top Cell Phone, which can also be used as a Public Phone ; Making calls for ONLY 90c!

 AS WELL AS a Mobile Vending Terminal which prints vouchers for Pre Paid Services (Air Time & Elec) as well as for Betting Purposes (LOTTO etc).

 We also provide a Pre Paid System (Air Time & Elec) that works from your Cell Phone, thus providing a Paperless System.

 By now you should be VERY interested.

The next steps are:

1.    You need to contact me to indicate that this Business Opportunity is what you are looking for.

2.    We will then meet for a detailed discussion on how the Business Opportunity works AND how you can earn money per minute.


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Business Hours: Our support Hotline is available 8 Hours a day. Monday-Friday: 09h00 to 16h00, Weekends: Closed

Our support Hotline is
available 8 Hours a day

Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm
Weekends: Closed


Our Offices: 21A Thor Circle, Thornton, Cape Town, South Africa

Demo 21A Thor Circle
Cape Town
South Africa