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Concretex Claimed

2 Athlone Industria Silica Road , Athlone, Cape Town 8001, South Africa
021 6910027

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Manufacturers and contractor since 1973

Concretex is alternative building at its best. Using the patented Concretex alternative modular building system, Concretex manufactures and constructs freestanding buildings where significant numbers of the same building type are required, for example; houses in the affordable housing and low-cost subsidy housing sectors, classrooms for education departments, and school kitchens for non-profit organisations. In addition, we manufacture and install a range of precast concrete products; VIP toilets for communities, and walling and concrete palisade fencing for perimeter protection.

Our products, manufacturing process and construction methods are all designed for large-scale projects: whether affordable or subsidy homes, emergency housing, classrooms, school kitchens, VIP toilets, or pre-cast walling and concrete palisade fencing.

Concretex works in both the public and private sectors. We understand the requirements and deadlines demanded by municipal authorities, town planners and private developers, and we work closely with consulting engineers, and all the associated technical staff on a building project. Our experience over nearly four decades - we have been building since 1973 - allows us to consistently deliver large-scale projects, on-spec, on-price, and on-time.

Risk management in large-project development begins with choosing the right partner; with the right product, and the right skills.

The quality of our product
Concretex has built thousands of free standing permanent buildings using our patented modular building system: affordable and low-cost subsidy homes, emergency housing, classrooms, school kitchens, and VIP toilets; all without a single structural failure. The quality of our modular buildings speaks for itself! Likewise our precast walling and concrete palisade fencing. But Concretex quality goes further than the factory gate. Our own contracting workforce takes all our projects to completion – from finished paint and plasterwork on a new home, to sign-off on another neat installation of perimeter fencing for a factory or municipal site. Our product is complete only once we have built or installed on-site, to the client’s satisfaction.

Our contracting expertise
37 years of manufacturing and contracting experience has taught us that successful large-scale affordable and low-cost subsidy housing goes far beyond the building of houses. With Concretex comes the reassurance of dealing with one of the longest-established companies in the affordable and low-cost building industry. Meaning that not only is a first-class product made in our factory, but that it will be properly installed by our own contracting teams.

With confidence in delivery in the low-cost subsidy and affordable sectors at an all time low, and aptly named ‘tenderpreneurs’ the order of the day, municipal and corporate risk management begins with the right choice of construction partner. Our performance over the past 37 years proves that what we contract to, gets built, and stays built – at the right price.


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2 Athlone Industria Silica Road , Athlone, Cape Town 8001, South Africa

Business Hours: Our support Hotline is available 8 Hours a day. Monday-Friday: 09h00 to 16h00, Weekends: Closed

Our support Hotline is
available 8 Hours a day

Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm
Weekends: Closed


Our Offices: 21A Thor Circle, Thornton, Cape Town, South Africa

Demo 21A Thor Circle
Cape Town
South Africa